LinkedIn has introduced new tools that can help content creators optimize their presence on the platform. Among these updates are customization options for search engine optimization (SEO) titles and descriptions for articles.

This feature aims to make it easier for people to discover articles when searching for specific keywords. Additionally, LinkedIn has unveiled new features to help users display their best work on their profiles and attract more newsletter subscribers.

Users can now customize their LinkedIn articles’ SEO titles and descriptions by accessing the “Publishing” menu and selecting “Settings.” This feature enables content creators to optimize their content and increase their visibility in search engines.

Furthermore, LinkedIn has made it possible for users to prominently display various types of content, such as images, videos, newsletters, and documents, in the Activity section of their profiles.

This update allows users to highlight their best work and choose which content to display first.

To provide more analytics and creation tools in one place, LinkedIn has also added a central location for these features. Users can access this feature by turning on creator mode and selecting “Analytics & tools” at the top of their profile via mobile or desktop.

LinkedIn has also introduced the ability to schedule newsletters and articles, allowing users to plan their content and share it at the best times. To use this feature, users can tap the “schedule” button on the share box and select the date and time to go live.

Lastly, LinkedIn has made newsletters more discoverable by enhancing their visibility in search results. Users can subscribe to newsletters directly from LinkedIn or other channels using a one-click subscribe URL and an embeddable button.


LinkedIn’s latest updates provide content creators with new ways to create, share, and promote their content on the platform. These tools help users stand out and reach a wider audience, from optimizing content for search engines to showcasing their best work and providing analytics and creation tools in one place.

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