The Most Effective Link-Building Tactic That Actually Works

I thought several times about writing a link-building guide, but when I tried to research over the internet, I found that almost every website has discussed those old-fashioned tactics that we are fed up with now.

So finally I decided to come up with my own strategy that is tried and tested and that has actually benefited me a lot (as a beginner) in acquiring backlinks. 

We all know if a website is new, it takes a lot of time to get backlinks.

We hear it all the time from professionals that you must work on earning backlinks instead of making backlinks.

But it is not that much easy.

Believe it or not, you must make them on your own. So why not start today?

Gradually, once we are able to “EARN” them, we will stop making them.

So let’s get started!

Before going into details let me tell you one thing, you must install Moz bar and SEOquake extension to perform this method.

Go to a Website Selling Platform

You can explore as many platforms as you can but for me, Flippa worked as a magic.

I started by creating an account. Once you create an account the next step is to “Browse” the categories.

Since I had a blog, I decided to go for the Content > Blog.

If your content website belongs to another category, you can choose other options like “Review”, “Directory” etc.

On the left-hand side, you will find a search bar for entering a “Keyword”. Now enter the main keyword or your niche. In my case, I searched for “SEO”.

After doing this, you will have a list of websites related to your niche.

Check DA Using Moz Bar

Now the next step is to pick those websites one by one and check their DA using Moz. 

I installed the Moz bar for this purpose, it is quick and you will not have to go to the Moz website again and again to check the DA. 

So once you pick a website, the next step is to insert its URL in the Chrome search bar and check its DA. If it has a low DA somewhere around 20 or 30, it is good to start with.

Just see I have picked this website, it has a low DA (34). 

See Number of Backlinks Using SEOquake

Now the next step is to make use of the SEOquake extension. Open it and check the total number of backlinks.

You can also use other tools like Ubersuggest or Moz to check the number of backlinks. But for me, SEOquake works best as it pulls the data directly from Semrush. 

Export the List

So if a website has a reasonable amount of backlinks and it has low DA, that means you have a great opportunity to steal its backlinks. 

But how would you do that? 

Unfortunately, this step requires you to purchase the paid plan of Moz. I have tested many tools but they all allow you to check only one hundred or a few backlinks.

BTW if you do not want to spend even a penny on it, you can take advantage of the Moz free plan that allows you to perform only 10 searches per month, but that would slow down your backlinking process further. 

OK now, go to Moz and select their “Link Explorer” option which is located at the top in “Free SEO Tools”. Put the link of the website in the bar and click “Analyze”.

Here you go! You will have all the backlinks of this website.

Upon analyzing you will come to know that most of the links come from free sources and you can easily make as many backlinks as you want. 

Do it Again

There is no limit to websites you can explore.

Repeat the process, pick a website with low DA and lots of backlinks. Make use of the Moz Link Explorer feature, export the list, and create backlinks on all those websites by going to them one by one.

Isn’t it easy and quick?

Now if you found this tactic useful and it has really helped you in creating lots of links, do let me know on Facebook

Good luck with your link-building practices!

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